On November 28 of 1929 Berry Gordy Jr was born in Detroit Harper Hospital, he is the last born of seven kids to Berry and Bertha Gordy.The Gordy's was an ambitious middle-class family with roots in Georgia farming and retailing. His family moved to Detroit in 1922 to establish a successful painting and construction business. Berry Gordy dropped out of school in the eleventh grade to become a professional boxer. At one time he even fought on the same card with the Brown Bomber Joe Louis at Detroit's Olympia Stadium. He ended his respectable career as a featherweight in 1950. After serving in the Army in Korea from 1951-1953 his love for jazz caused him to open up the 3-D Record Mart - House of Jazz. To obsess with his own love of Jazz, Berry was to stubborn to stock the Blues records the neighborhood craved but in 1955 the store went bankrupt and was forced to close. Berry married Thelma Coleman and quickly had three children. It was after the closing of the record store that Gordy went to work on the assembly line at Ford's Lincoln-Mercury plant but by 1957 he had quit his job to become a professional songwriter. Raymona Liles went to audition for gordy and ended up writing for him and becoming the next mrs. gordy.
In 1959 Gordy started his own publishing company Jobete Publishing which was named after his three kids: Hazel Joy, Berry and Terry. If writing for motown you was publish by Jobete which grew to be one of the most powerful industry. As the record picked up Gordy found he could not keep up with demands of production and distribution and that when Smokey Robinson convince him to distribute its own records. By the 1960's Gordy had set up the motown records, hitsville USA and Berry Gordy Ent. Through the next four years Gordy continued to produce hits by capitalizing on girl groups.As being the son of an black entreprenuer gordy hoped for more of an upward mobility of blacks teens from the streets of detroit to make them acceptable to mainstream America.
By the mid-1960's Gordy had assembled a motown team that took poor black youths and teach them how to talk,dress, and walk. Aiming for the mass media gordy called themusic " the sound of the young people".