Beyonce as Sasha Fierce

Beyonce Giselle Knowles- Carter was born on September 4, 1981, she was named after her mother's maiden name Beyince as a tribute. Born to Tina Knowles and Mathew Knowles, who also birthed Solange Knowles. In early childhood, Beyonce attended St. Mary's Elementary School of Houston, Texas . Where her talent of singing was discovered by her 3rd grade teacher, when she hit a high note after continuing the song her teacher was humming. (She was only 8 years old). The first two girls to start singing was Beyonce and LaTavia Roberson and later joined Kelendria "Kelly" Rowland Beyonce's cousin in 1992. So as a pre-teens, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland , LeToya Luckett , and LaTavia Roberson entered into Star Search as "Girl's Tyme", they were discovered. Later, they changed the group name to Destiny's Child which was formed in the early 1990's and managed by her father.

Destiny's Child's first album cover Writings on the Wall.
Destiny's Child later became updated in and two girls were replaced by Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin. Thats when LeToya and LaTavia left in 2002 and started their on group Angel . Then Farrah left the group shortly because she was pregnant. In 2003, Beyonce went solo with her debut album Dangerously In Love. She won her first five Grammy Awards at the age of 21. Beyonce starred in the Hip Hopera movie Carmen with Mekhi Phifer. Beyonce then appeared in one of the Austin Powers sequel The Goldmember.
Beyonce at the movie premier of the Goldmember.

And she also had a hit single "Work It Out" that was added to the movie's soundtrack. She also continued her movie career by co-starring in Fighting Temptations with Cuba Gooding, Jr.. Destiny's Child reunited in 2004 and recorded the debut album Destiny's Fulfilled the formally split up in 2005. Beyonce then became solo in 2006 and had a hit "Irreplaceable". And appeared in Dreamgirls co-starring Eddie Murphy.

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Beyonce spent most of the year 2007 touring the world and picking up awards. She had a romance with the rapper Jay- Z, who she later married in April 2008. And later that year she released an album I Am...Sasha Fierce. She also won six Grammy Awards for the album.
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Beyonce was named the ASCAP's Songwriter of the year 2001, and the first African-American woman to win that award.

Beyoncé rings our alarms, lighting up the stage with her killer performance and her fit physique at the '06 VMAs.
Beyoncé rings our alarms, lighting up the stage with her killer performance and her fit physique at the '06 VMAs.

Beyonce is an excellent performer she has been in the business in a long while. She is respected and loved by many fans. even though there has been rumors that she and her husband Jay-Z are in an occult, meaning they are with the Illuminati, even though it has not been yet proven, there has been a lot of evidence about this situation. Some people say that this might be for publicity, but if it is they're losing out on a lot of fans. There has been lots of pictures and videos trying to notify the world.